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Touch The Textile 

MA Degree Work


Textiles are all around us. What if, instead of being flat, they brought more tactility to everyday life through a distinct texture? Touch The Textile is a project embedded in practice-based design research that explores the components of the weaving technique in relation to the tactility of textiles so as to maximise their haptic expression. The bindings, the quality of the yarns and the structure of the weave can greatly contribute to creating tactile sensations based on texture, but there are few examples of this in the field of textile design. Therefore, Touch The Textile contributes to the field by exploring the design possibilities and potentials of creating a wide range of smooth-rough textures within the weaving technique, focusing on haptic perception. It is based on experiments related to the components of weaving – materials and the construction (bindings) – to gain an understanding of their relationship in the process of texture creation. The project reveals the interdependence of the components of haptic perception in relation to the interaction with the textile objects. The form, shape, scale and pattern guide the interaction and hand movements, and the colour entices the user to approach the objects or informs them of the expected tactile sensations. Some of the objects can be transformed, which further encourages the user to touch them. The result is a collection of six textile objects designed for different types of interaction.

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