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I am a textile designer with a passion for haptics and multisensory perception of textiles. In my practice-based design research, I investigate the mechanisms for creating distinct texture in industrial jacquard weaving. Through the choice of materials and weaves, I create textured textiles that range from smooth/soft to rough/hard. I am also interested in how tactility can be enhanced through colour, shape, form and scale.


After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design with a collection that explored the sustainable potential of natural dyeing and alternative fabrics, I decided to focus entirely on textiles. During my first Master’s in Textile Design, I specialised in industrial carpets and tapestries, jacquard weaving and screen printing. My degree work analysed the relationship between the senses of sight and touch in jacquard-woven corduroy textiles. I also created a collection of carpet designs and a series of screen-printed graphics.


In my second Master’s programme at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, I chose to go deeper into weaving. I continued my exploration of jacquard weaving and finished with a project on texture in relation to other components of haptic perception – scale, weight, form, colour, etc. – in the form of textile objects intended for different kinds of interaction.


I did an internship at the JW Anderson Studio in London and at the Textile Research Institute in Łódź. I gained experience as a fashion design tutor, sewing instructor, guest lecturer and consultant for innovative start-ups in the fields of production, development and material research for textile products.


Working on machine-woven textiles, I love programming the weaving bindings and solving technical problems by being close to the production process. At the Swedish School of Textiles I had the incredible opportunity to work with the industrial Jacquard looms on a daily basis. This allowed me to apply my knowledge in practice and learn a lot from the processes, trials and errors.


In the future, I see myself as an interior textile designer who explores the limits of industrial production with great attention to material, colour, weave construction and texture.


I was lucky enough to win the Vogue Polska scholarship and the Prof. Andrzej Jan Wróblewski prize for my fashion diploma. I was also a finalist for the Dorothy Waxman International Textile Design Prize and of Make Me! an international design contest for young designers at the Łódź Design Festival. I have participated in exhibitions including Salone del Mobile, Milan (scheduled for June 2022); Materials Edit, Colour Hive x Surface Design Show, London; Väv - Hantverk för alla Dunkers, Helsingborg; Open departments / Closed departments, Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź and Future Man 2052, Brussels Design September.

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